Tre Foglie
17 February 2021
Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
17 February 2021

Novello (limited period and production)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The very first to arrive and as such the first to finish, Novello (New Oil) is obtained during the first two weeks of each harvest and therefore stock is very limited. Ample fruity taste to the nose with herbal taste flavour and a rich peppery taste typical of fresh olive oils which are rich in polyphenols, strictly to be served raw on bruschetta, red meat and soups.

Category: Fruity

Extraction: Cold

Harvest: September and early October

Storage: In stainless steel tank with nitrogen and controlled temperature

5lt: 2 units per box - Code: 5LDMNOVEVO
3lt: 2 units per box - Code: 3LDMNOVEVO
1.5lt: 3 units per box - Code: DMNOV1.5LEVO
500ml: 6 units per box - Code: DMNOV500MLEVO
250ml: 6 units per box - Code: DMNOV250MLEVO